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How to complete any SBA Form 355 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sba 8a

Instructions and Help about Sba 8a

Hello everyone.welcome I'm Eric copy host scorer contracts calm in this video today we're in fight for the sixth benefit of joining the 8a program let's dive right in sixth benefits of a business development program they are set aside sole source joint venture mentor Protege contracting officers and newest corps of engineers suicide is a program where the government takes its 500 billion dollars in contract and actually set asides 5% for firms in this particular program sole source is a step further not only is it set aside for a day firms they actually go ahead and award one particular firm the contract and never goes out the public bed and essentially what you do is you negotiate with the government on the price proposal and make the best offer to them get you away from the crowd to an adventure that program allows you to work with larger entities to go after contracts that you would normally not have the size or abilities to do mentor-protege that program allows you to work with those same entities but what it is it's a formal program where they can actually mentor you and prsupport and assistance to you in the form of contracting information knowledge and resources you call that within joint venture program and you've got a really unstoppable force widely adopted out of all the small business programs what I found in my experiences is that the a day is most widely adopted by contracting officers officials and government agencies some of the other programs like the women-owned business program are much newer and so they're not really sure how those programs work especially for people who are new to contracting and don't have really good training and last but not least equipment and there's all of their construction projects under five million pretty much go through this 8a program that's the six benefits of 8a program hope you enjoy tell everybody welcome back I hope you enjoyed that video on the six benefits of the 8a program this is the exact vehicle that we use to grow our business from zero to the millions of dollars in revenue and you can do the same thing so I hope to take a really hard stand to look and see if this is the right tool for you and your business to help you get to the level that you want to be at again as always Eric coffee here if you have any questions send me an email reach out to any of the social media platforms like our videos and keep watching because we're going to keep bringing more tutorials more learning so that you can change the prthe education that you need to grow your business to the love which you want to achieve thanks again have a wonderful wonderful day happy holidays to everyone if you want to learn how to win contracts without actually being certified 8 a certified service.

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