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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sba form 355 application for small business size determination

Instructions and Help about Sba form 355 application for small business size determination

Music Music good afternoon everyone I want to thank you for joining us on this Tuesday for the SBA loan guarantee program webinar we will be starting in approximately one minute so just hold tight if for some reason you are having problems hearing the audio there is a dialing number that you can dial in right at the top okay I want to thank everyone for joining us today we just want to start just with a few housekeeping rules in about 24 hours you will receive an email with a replay of today's webinar and slides in case for some reason you are have to leave early or unable to view all the slides as we're going through them if you for some reason also get rika have a problem with the audio or visual there's a blue reconnect button at the bottom of your screen you can use that and try to reconnect or you can also use the fallback which is the toll-free number listed at the top and we will allow for a few questions at the end of the webinar today so without any further ado we will start and today's presenters are Miriam Eamonn from SBA and Karen Williams from the DC score office great Thank You Janine very much and welcome everyone to our webinar on the SBA loan guaranty program as Jenny mentioned I'm Karen Williams I am part of the DC score office and you'll hear more about score in a minute and I'm joined by Miriam and I'm Miriam amen I am the lender relation specialist with the DC SBA DC metropolitan area district office R is the trunk to store it so today's webinar is sponsored by both of us by the DC score chapter and by the metropolitan district of SBA as Janine mentioned questions can be submitted online during this session and in approximately 24 hours a copy of this webinar and the slides will be posted on ww-why sheet in DCs Korg and don't worry about scrambling to write that down right now we will show it at the end of the webinar as well so that you can capture that link as Miriam mentioned we're part of the SBA office the metropolitan area district of SBA and that district serves not only the District of Columbia but also all of the adjoining Maryland and Virginia counties and as you can see from this map this is the area that this part of SBA covers what we hope to accomplish today is to develop an understanding of SBA's guaranteed bank loan products eligibility to get those products and how to apply and then additionally we'll find out how to move forward if you are interested in applying for one of those loans but before I turn this over to Miriam let's just talk a little bit about score so score is America's small business resource we prfree and confidential mentoring to companies to.


How common is it for a German Mittelstand company (small/medium sized) to go bankrupt or out of business?
On the face of it, I would guess that it is unlikely for a German Mittelstand company (SME) to find itself in a position where the solution is bankruptcy. This is largely conjecture based on several constants in the German business environment:The German tendency to finance growth through means other than debt. Reinvestment of earnings (organic growth rather than risk capitalu00a0 icaew.com) seems to be the preferred German approach to growth. The German tendency to prefer long-term, low-growth models of business development. This was underscored by Thomas Piketty's monumental statistical study of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.In this graph, German tendency towards conservative capital investment places it behind France and the UK in terms of national capital as a percentage of national income.The German weakness in the area of entrepreneurialism. While this blocks Germans from rapid growth markets, it also keeps them from entering higher-risk situations.This philosophy has served Germany fairly well in the recent recession if one can trust the analysis of the European Commission.u00a0 SME Performance ReviewThe performance of German SMEs since 2022 has been exceptional. Comparedu00a0 to most other Member States, they expanded throughout the crisis.u00a0 Between 2022 and 2022 alone more than 160 000 additional SMEs were setu00a0 up. During the same period, the number of jobs created in SMEs increasedu00a0 by more than 1.5 million to more than 16.7 million in 2022. Forecastsu00a0 see this trend continuing until 2022 at least, thanks to a veryu00a0 favourable overall business environment.Underlying all of this conservatism and bankruptcy aversion is the deep-seated German distrust of debt, particularly the sort of long-term debt that would lead to bankruptcy. While Chapter 11 bankruptcies are often a business strategy in the free-wheeling, debt-financed economy of the USA, a person with the financial record of Donald Trump, for instance, would be largely unacceptable to most Germans, who have the lowest percentage of home ownership in Europeu00a0 You Have To Understand Germany's Long-Standing Fear Of Debt.So here is my conclusion. Based on everything we know about Germans and their basic value system, it would be normally unusual for a German firm to consider dissolution or strategic bankruptcy. Just that sort of thing did happen recently, however, when three firms in the volatile solar energy business declared bankruptcy, claiming that the Chinese were flooding Europe with cheaper solar panels./three-solar-firms-file-for-bankruptcy-in-a-week/.
If I am the owner of my business, do I need to fill out the column that asks for my annual income if employed in the visa forms for B2 visa application?
Well I thought that I shouldn't fill that and when I applied, I didn't. However an immigration attorney later told me that it was a mistake to not fill that up. I didn't agreed with him though.I don't have any arguments in favour or against it, but definitely it says if you are an employee so I strongly believe it should be skipped.But on other hand, how do Visa officer knows that how much you are earning?Tough situation so maybe more consultants need to share their opinion.
How do I get admission to Bhawanipur Education Society College if I have missed the last date for filling out the application form for the UG programme?
You can contact to the Dean of the college or system control room of http://college.So that they can help you further and in most of the cases they consider these things.
I am 2022 passed out CSE student, I am preparing for GATE2022 from a coaching, due to some reasons I do not have my provisional certificate, am I still eligible to fill application form? How?
Yes you are eligible. There is still time, application closes on October 1 this year. So if you get the provisional certificate in time you can just wait or if you know that you won't get it in time, just mail GATE organising instituteu00a0 at helpdesk@gate.iisc.ernet.in mentioning your problem. Hope it helps.
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