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Sba 912 Form: What You Should Know

We'll help you find out whether you have a criminal offense. Where to find the SBA Form 912 form: Do a search. Please Note: The SBA makes no guarantee about the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information in this SBA Form 912. The SBA provides this form to the individuals and business organizations that apply for and receive financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA) for programs such as: If you want to be considered for loan or other forms of financial assistance, the SBA requires that you complete the form. You must also send a completed SBA Form 912 to: Small Business Administration Office of Financial & Loan Performance PO Box 66515 Washington, DC 20 Who should complete SBA Forms 912: SBA uses this form to evaluate individuals'  Statement of Personal History — Peopled What is the purpose of SBA Form 912? SBA uses this form for all programs, including but not limited to: Financial Aid, such as the SBA Loan Program Investment and Career Services, such as the SBA Loan Match Program Public Service Loans, such as the SBA Graduate PLUS Loan Program Borrowers are required to complete the SBA Form 912 with an acceptable explanation of each past conviction or failure to complete the form when applying for and receiving a financing or other type of support. The purpose of the SSA SBA 912 is to establish or verify a record of past criminal history for applicants that does not indicate current activity. In particular, some convictions in the applicant's past that did not appear on a report of criminal offenses, such as traffic or drug offenses, were not deemed a violation of law. Applicants may also be required to provide a statement of explanation in the SBA Form 912 if they fail to provide one on their own. Applicants must provide satisfactory explanation for any past arrest, conviction, or failure to complete the SSA Form 912. All SSA applicants are required to provide evidence of the following convictions: Traffic or Drug Offenses, where the offense did not result in a conviction for the same type of offense (in that the offense was: a) a traffic or a traffic-related offense, as defined by D.C. Law, Sec. 18-101 (f) or (g) (1); or (2) (i) an offense under Chapter 10, D.C.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sba form 912

Instructions and Help about Sba form 912

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