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Sba 355 Form: What You Should Know

The purpose of SBA Form 355 is to help businesses comply with the SBA and the laws and regulations that relate to SBA's mission. The SBA defines a small business as one: · (1) which has gross annual gross revenue for the SBC or an equivalent classification in excess of 5 million. · (2) which does not have employees when it files its SBC application for review. · which has fewer than 100 employees when the SBC is approved or disapproved. The SBA uses this information in determining whether the business meets the definition of a small business, or is eligible to obtain the Small Business Services program (SBS). SBA Form 355 must be completed and submitted to SBA by the due date each year. The SBA uses this information in determining whether the business meets the definition of a small business, or is eligible to obtain the Small Business Services program (SBS). Do You Need to Comply with SBA Form 355? As we can see, the SBA has set a certain amount of information that the SBA must provide the customer in order to qualify their business as a small business. However, SBA Form 355 doesn't mean you have to comply with their information requests. You don't need to fill out the form if you are not eligible for the SBS. If you are not eligible for the SBS, then the SBA will tell you that you are not a small business, or they may request additional materials that you will need. The information required in SBA Form 355 (and which the SBS is for) is usually only required by state-based SBA advisory authorities that may make the decision regarding a small business's existence. The decision is made based on the company's history, the business's size, and the company's financial and physical characteristics if you are a small business applicant. What Information is Required on Form 355? The SBA requires that businesses send the SBA a number of documents, which they need to send separately. For more information about the documents that must be provided with an SBA Form 355, visit the SBA's Small Business Handbook for Form 355.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sba Form 355

Instructions and Help about Sba Form 355

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